Fight Fair

Ballplayers have umpires.

Boxers have referees.

But who helps married couples fight fair?

Imagine a tennis court with no net, or a soccer field without sidelines. Imagine a card game where you can peek at your opponent’s hand, or a round of golf where you can pick up the ball and throw it.

Contests without rules don’t work. Yet when married couples fight, we routinely hit below the belt–with no one there to blow the whistle. In Fight Fair! Authors Tim and Joy Downs will show you how to:

• Develop your own personal plan for handling conflict
• Identify your “personal fouls” to avoid in the future
• Discover the difference between attacks that hurt and tactics that heal
• Use conflict to bring you closer together and

Filled with tips, insights, and suggestions that have worked for thousands of others, Fight Fair! will help you agree on an approach to conflict that will work best for you. And by going beyond mere rules to address attitudes and objectives, the Downs will help you design your own personal plan that can revolutionize your marriage, one conflict at a time.

Your marriage can become richer and stronger than ever—once you learn to Fight Fair! 

Be sure to look for the companion volume to Fight Fair!…One of Us Must be Crazy and I’m Pretty Sure It’s You.

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