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Since 1985 we have spoken at more than 250 FamilyLife marriage and parenting conferences across the country and have also spoken hundreds of times to audiences in church, retreat, conference, and stadium settings ranging in size from a few to more than 20,000.

Here are a few of the topics we often address:


Fight Fair: Winning at Conflict without Losing at Love

A four-session conference and workshop for couples, taken from our books Fight Fair! and One of Us Must Be Crazy and I’m Pretty Sure It’s You. This conference helps couples identify the essential differences that are the cause of most relational conflict, and guides couples in drafting their own personal set of rules for conducting a more positive and productive disagreement.

Individual Presentations

Tim and Joy together

Fight Fair!

Taken from our book Fight Fair! A challenge to couples to identify and abandon unproductive approaches to conflict and to agree together on a more constructive style.

One of Us Must be Crazy

Taken from our book One of Us Must be Crazy and I’m Pretty Sure It’s You. A summary of the seven fundamental personality differences that fuel most of our conflicts and how to deal with them.

Tim alone

Where the Wind Leads

Based on Tim’s most recent book, Where the Wind Leads: A Refugee Family’s Miraculous Story of Loss, Rescue, and Redemption. The inspiring true story of the Chung family and their journey of faith and endurance.

Finding Common Ground

Based on Tim’s Gold Medallion-winning book, Finding Common Ground. This presentation describes the four roles of the sower and the crucial role that sowing plays in Christian communication.


Describes the four different roles of the creative process and how understanding them can enhance individual creativity and build more creative teams.

Psychological Warfare

Based on Tim’s mystery/suspense novel, Head Game. A description of how the military conducts psychological warfare with devastating effect and how our own thoughts can have the same effect on us.

The Four Illusions

A description of four deeply held but rarely recognized illusions we all hold about time, control, failure, and perspective, and how those illusions rob us of our ability to enjoy life.

God the Storyteller

A look at the power of story to change lives and how we can all learn to tap into this power in our speaking, teaching, and writing.



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