Are there recurring areas of conflict in your marriage—areas that you seem to come back to over and over again?

Maybe you always fight about the kids—one of you wants to keep them safe and sheltered, while the other wants them to take risks and learn from their mistakes. Or maybe you disagree about money—one of you spends freely while the other pinches pennies.

While these areas of conflict are real, they’re not about what they seem. Despite your disagreements, you and your spouse may have the same goals—you just have different ideas on how to get there.

Tim and Joy Downs have discovered that most marital conflicts are really about seven underlying issues:

• Security
• Loyalty
• Responsibility
• Caring
• Order
• Openness
• Connection

One of Us Must be Crazy describes those difficult conflicts that keep resurfacing and reveals the seven fundamental differences that lie hidden beneath the surface. Using illustrations from their own marriage as well as hundreds of others, the Downs will help you identify where you and your mate stand in relation to each issue—and to each other.

Nothing keeps a conflict going like two people who aren’t sure what they’re disagreeing about—but couples can learn to resolve and even avoid conflicts once they learn to recognize and anticipate the seven fundamental issues that divide us all.

Be sure to look for the companion volume to One of Us Must be Crazy…Fight Fair!

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